Q & A

We'll gather some of the most common inquires about the event and we'll share them here. If you have any question not answered here, please e-mail us at: aztico@gmail.com


Do I need a Visa to travel to Costa Rica?

Not likely but it all depends on the country that issued your passport. Check Costa Rica travel requirements here: https://www.costarica.com/visa/


What's the estimated finishing time?

This will depend of many factors, but if weather conditions are favorable and the cycling gods spare us of mechanicals, we expect to see the first few riders finishing the course by late Friday or Saturday. So around 3.5 - 4 days.

Q 3

Should I bring cash and what's the current exchange of US Dollars to Colones?

This number is constantly changing so slightly and the official exchange is set by Costa Rica's Central Bank. Over the last few months the exchange rate has been pretty consistent around 560-570 colones = 1 US Dollar. Most places around the city will allow you to pay with US Dollars and even Euros of small denomination, however as you get deep into the rural areas, it's probably best to have a Costa Rican Colones or be prepared to negotiate exchange rates around $1=500 colones, mainly for simplicity.